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Classic Pet Grooming Boutique was established in West Allis, Wisconsin in April of 2004. Owned and operated by Shannon, she has 18 years experience in the grooming industry.  She is a lifelong animal lover and is also very gentle and understanding with geriatric pets and young pups.  Also, very knowledgeable about health problems and skin conditions with the animals. Classic Pet Grooming has reasonable rates for both dog an cat grooming.


Classic Pet Grooming Boutique is a very clean grooming salon with 1000 square feet of space.  There is a large area of retail space which consists of fun dog coats and clothes for all breeds. She also carries dental care items and vitamins for multi care for your dog and cat.  You can also call or walk in for a nail trim for your dog or cat starting at $5.00.  She also has $2.00 teeth brushing to be included on your animals groom.  Gift certificates are available for any denomination.

There is an area in the shop with a comfortable waiting area with informational books and magazines.  There is a large parking lot for safe drop off and pick up.  Close to nearby shopping. 


Hours are Tues-Sat mornings. 


Shannon is in mornings at 7:30 am, just call for an appointment.  Every dog or cat deserves a few times a year at Classic Pet Grooming Boutique to be pampered.  She grooms all breeds of dogs.  She also owns a home in West Allis and is married to Mike.  They both own a rescue cat, a rescue dog and a Chow Chow. 

Please remember that it is very important to spay and neuter your animals.  And stay away from backyard breeders -- Rescues work


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